Honey Extraction and Jarring Service

After manually extracting honey for 6 years and this year finally done it for me, the mess of wax being troden around, honey all over the surfaces. 

I finally decided to automate it with the Dani Api Melter

The Api melter heats the vat just above the temperature of the hive, melting the wax, the honey is heavier than the wax so sinks. so the honey just pours out.

I am offering an extraction service for £5.00 per super or £7.00 if you want your wax back.

10 litre honey buckets available at £3.50 each  Food Grade

10 litre will hold approx 11 kilo of honey

I can also Jar your honey at 7 pence per jar, plus the cost of the jar

please email me to book your supers in