Liverpool Beekeeper's

We own and manage over 100 bee hives throughout the Liverpool Area

Some amazing coloured pollen, Bee Fact : Pollen is protein for the bees, Nectar is there carbohydrate 

Wedding Favours

We commision Wedding Favours,  Beautifully presented 2oz (56g) pocket size hexagon jars.  can be found in the honey shop page

Full Frame of Honey

Straight from the hive, full frame of pure honey, with its own stand, weight will vary  usually 1.4 kilo. 

227g Jars of honey, this is our standard size

Our Honey is straight from the hive filtered and jarred, due to the fact the bees forage on an array of flowers, the flavours and colour of the honey will vary from area to area, season to season

Left to the picture frame of honey, wax glossy non porous to the right sealed brood digestive biscuit colour porous so the brood can breath 

Hiya.....could I order 30 jars honey please..... only got few left  customers luv it :-)


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Thanks for honey it’s bloody lovely. X